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Running the Data View Web Part Documenter

1) Start by downloading the latest version of the zip file at this link. 
2) Unzip the zip file and click the file called "setup".  Follow the installation instructions.
3) When installation is complete the application should load automatically (it will also appear in your start menu).  Figure 1 provides an example

         Figure 1
Figure 1

4) Copy and paste the URL of the aspx page into the first text box labeled "Enter URL of DVWP".
5) Then enter the URL of the site into the second text box labeled "Enter Site URL" (see example in Figure 2).  This is required because the tool leverages SharePoint WebPartPages Web Service to extract the aspx markup for the site.

Figure 2
Figure 2

6) Check the box labeled "Transform XML to HTML".  If you want the XML markup don't click this check box.
7) Press "Generate Document".  Depending on your network access the file should will generate within 5-10 seconds and open automatically.  Save the file in an appropriate location.  Please see this link Limitations for more details on the limitations of version 1.0.

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