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Data View Web Part Documenter

This tool takes the hassle out of documenting the technical information contained within a Data View Web Part (DVWP) on a Web Part Page in SharePoint. In just a few seconds you can turn the aspx markup of a Web Part Page into a easy-to-understand document identifying the important details of the aspx page.  An example can be seen at this link.

This tool is aimed for SharePoint developers to facilitate many tasks including: 

  1. Documentation of DVWP developement.
  2. Quality Checking your CAML queries and DVWP parameters.
  3. Validating external references for Javascript, CSS, and XSL imports.

This application was initially developed by SharePoint developers at Definitive Logic.  For more information about the company please visit


Thanks goes to the HTML Agility Pack for making parsing the aspx page easier in .NET.

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